Some Important Plateau of Peninsular India

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Some Important Plateau of Peninsular India

Some Important Plateau of Peninsular India

The Central Highland

The Central Highlands of the plateau lie to the North of the Naramada river covering a major area of the Malwa plateau.

The Deccan Plateau

The Deccan Plateau is a triangular land lying to the South of the river Narmada. It is made up of lava flows in the cretaceous era through the fissure eruptions.

Meghalaya Plateau

  • This plateau is separated from main block of the peninsular plateau by a gap called Garo-Raj Mahal gap.
  • From East to West, the plateau compresses Garo, Khasi, Jaintia and Mikir hills.

The Bundelkhand Upland

It is located to the South of Yumana river between Madhya Bharat pathar and the Vindhyan scrap lands and is composed of granites and gneiss.

The Marwar Upland

It lies East of Aravali range, made up of sand stone, shades and lime stone of Vidhyan period.

Chhotanagpur Plateau

It covers mostly Jharkhand, adjoining Eastern Madhya Pradesh and Purulia of West Bengal.

Hill Ranges of the Peninsula

Aravali Range

Aravalis are the world’s oldest fold mountain running in North-East to South-East direction. It is an example of relict mountain.

Satpura Range

  • It is a series of seven mountains running in East-West direction, South of Vindhy and in between the Narmada and Tapi.
  • It comprises Rajpipla hills, Mahadeo hills and Maikal range.

Vindhyan Range

This range acts as a water divide between Ganga system with the river system of South India. The Maikal range forms a connecting link between Vindhya and Satpura.

Eastern Ghat

  • It comprises the discontinuous and low hills that are highly eroded by the rivers such as the Mahanadi, the Godavari, the Krishna, the Cauveri etc.
  • Some of the important ranges include the Javodi hills,the Velikonda range, the Nallamalai hills, the Mahendragiri hills etc.

Western Ghat

  • Western ghats are locally known by different names such as Sahyadri in Maharashtra, Nilgiri hills in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu and Anaimalai hills and Cardamom hills in Kerala.
  • It runs from the South of the valley of river Tapi to Kanyakumari.

There are three important passes in the Sahyadris

1. Thalghat (between Mumbai and Pune)
2. Palghat (between Palakkad and Coimbatore)
3. Bhorghat (between Mumbai and Nashik)

The Eastern and the Western ghats meet each other at the Nilgiri hill.

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