The Mauryan Dynasty Origin Mudraraksha Vrishal/Kulhina (of low clan). Buddhist tradition as Kshatriya Puranas Moriya clan (low caste) Junagarh rock inscription of Rudradaman (AD 150) Vaishya origin. Chandragupta Maurya (321-298 BC) Also called as Sandrocottus/ Androcottus by Greek Scholars. He […]

The number of page visits across most prime internet hosting and web site builder suppliers has fallen dramtically as imprisonment restrictions still ease across the world. Firms like Bluehost, Hostgator, GoDaddy, Wix and Squarespace all saw a call monthly page […]

What is Waves & Types of Waves Waves A wave is a disturbance which propagates energy from one place to the other without the transport of matter. These are of two types 1. Mechanical waves 2. Electromagnetic waves 1. Mechanical […]

Human Physiology of Heart & Blood Human Physiology of Heart Heart is a thick, muscular, contractile, automatic pumping organ of blood vascular system. There is a thin two layered sac around the heart known as pericardium, filled with a watery […]

Banking System in India The first bank of Limited liability managed by an Indian was Oudh Commercial Bank in 1881. The first purely Indian bank was the Punjab National Bank (1894). Reserve Bank of India It is the Central Bank […]

वैदिककालीन शिक्षा के उद्देश्य (Education Aims of Vedic Period) (1) ज्ञान तथा अनुभव पर बल  : – शिक्षा का उद्देश्य ज्ञान प्राप्ति था। संस्कृत में कहा गया है- ‘ज्ञानं मनुजस्य तृतीय नेत्रम्’। अर्थात् ज्ञान मनुष्य का तीसरा नेत्र है। ज्ञान […]

सकारात्मक प्रभाव (Positive Effect) बालक के सामाजिक स्तर का निर्धारण – विशिष्ट जाति, वर्ग या समूह में जन्म लेने के आधार पर ही बालक के सामाजिक स्तर का निर्धारण हो जाता है। बालक को इससे अनेक लाभ होते हैं। पारिवारिक […]

What are the qualification & Power of The Vice President of India Vice-President Article 63 There shall be a Vice President of India. He occupies the second highest office in the country. The manner of election for Vice-President and President […]

What is Friction & Type of Friction Friction It we slide or try to slide a body over a surface, the motion is resisted by a bonding between the body and the surface. This resistance is called frictional force. Types […]

What are the Qualification & Powers of The President of India President Of India Executive Head of the State. First citizen of India. The Executive powers vested in the President are to be exercised on the advice of the Council […]

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